DMV’s subsidiary Kononi Energy specializes in renewable energy sources like as biofuels, electric power via the sale and service of electric automotives and motorbikes, and solar power.


Kononi Energy’s “E-CAD” project makes electric automotive and motorcycles available to African countries in order to lessen the damage caused by pollution. The “E-CAD” project aims to increase the use of electric vehicles by importing them into the African market. These gadgets are less expensive, and their use will contribute to a reduction in global warming. Kononi Energy is also considering opening a car dealership in Africa as part of the “E-CAD” concept. This one will be formally introduced in Rwanda on May 13, 2022, and in Côte d’Ivoire on October 20, 2022. It will also provide instruction on how to fix electric automotives.


Kononi Energy is working on a project called “African Biofuel.” “African Biofuel” seeks to establish up a production plant and a distribution network for biodiesel, bioethanol, and biogas on various locations in Côte d’Ivoire, as part of the development of the renewable energy sector. The project will eventually be expanded to other African countries. The goal is to make biofuel available throughout Africa. The biofuels produced in this fashion should allow African countries to lessen their reliance on imported conventional fuels for transportation, energy generation, and gas delivery.


KONONI ENERGY, in keeping with its objective of developing renewable energies, distributes solar equipment through its Solar Energy project. The Solar Energy initiative is tied to the Kononi foundation, which attempts to help Africa’s poorest people by bringing light and water to remote locations through its “Light and water for everyone” program.


In Ivory Coast, a project called “Green City” aims to build an environmentally friendly city. This is a modern community that conducts all of its commercial and social activities utilizing renewable energies.

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