DMV Group is an investment company established in the United States of America since 2020. We invest in start-up businesses such as; renewable energy, finance technology, and all other innovative projects. DMV Group currently owns projects known as Razaku, Lyma shipping ,Lima Finance, Kononi Energy, ChopHub and Boldnect. All of these projects will contribute to the socioeconomic stability and sustainability in the World


Our mission is to ensure that all operators can bring their business to the Global market and to guarantee investors a successful investment.


Our vision is to create a business network to provide operators with the necessary resources to carry out their projects. In addition, we seek to create an environment where people, both physical and moral, can invest in the global market with minimum risk.


Boldnect is a fundraising, business promotion and investment website. It offers its platform free of charge to entrepreneurs looking to raise funds for their existing or start-up business, all over the world.

Limaz Shipping

To make easy the purchase of products in North America, DMV Group sets up a company called Limaz Shipping.


Razaku is a digital marketing project set up to help companies, influencers, and any other user of social networks, who seek to sell themselves, to sell their products and services.


ChopHub is a project to create a company specializing in the delivery of food. As a result, it will work in collaboration with local restaurants.


LimaFinance is a project to create an application for international money transfer. This project aim is to make money transfer services more accessible at a lower cost.


Kononi Energy is a subsidiary of DMV, specializing in renewable energies such as biofuels, electric power through the sale and repair of electric cars and motorcycles and solar power.

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